Basic overview

Putting the initiative into perspective

In this section we want to help you to put our goals into perspective. To understand Goal 1 it will be helpful to get a better idea of what the EU Budget looks like today. In order to understand Goal 2 better it is helpful to learn more about the different exchange programmes financed from the EU Budget today. And Goal 3 can only be fully understood if one knows what an Open Method of Coordination is and how it works. 

EU Budget

Goal 1

To understand why 20 billion Euros yearly for exchange programmes is asking a lot, but at the same time not too much, it helps to know the great outlines of today's budget.


EVS & Co

Goal 2

EVS, LdV, YiA... what's that!? Here we give a short overview over the most prominent exchange programmes currently financed from the EU Budget.



Goal 3

In Goal 3 we ask for the creation of an Open Method of Coordination. But what is an OMC and how will it help building a united Europe at grass-roots level? We explain here.


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