European Citizens' Network

The Cluny Spirit

How we were inspired...

We are over 200 Europeans from over 30 different countries who have one connecting element - at some point in our lifes all of us went to the ancient Abbey in Cluny (France) to attend a European Summer University known as the 'Convention of Young European Citizens'. This convention was organized for the first time in 2001 by the Institut Européen de Cluny and has been organized every year ever since. In summer of 2010, therefore, we came together for the 10th anniversary, which is also when we came up with the idea for Fraternité2020.

At these conventions we discussed the future of Europe during the days and sang songs during the nights. As music is a language shared by all peoples, we were transcending national borders and identities and felt as one group belonging together, in spite of different cultural backgrounds. At the end of the first convention the participants - inspired by the spirit of this truly European event - decided to found the European Citizens' Network (ECN) to help organize future conventions and to establish a dialogue between the European citizens and the European institutions. While in the past the ECN has been pretty much just a mailing list to keep in touch, we think with Fraternité2020 we might finally have found a way to give Europe something back. (You can find more information on these conventions here.)

Bottom line: We are pretty much just average Europeans who have a dream of changing Europe for the better! We don't know how this initiative is going to catch on and if the time is ripe, but we believe in the necessity of it and think it is worth a try.

Together we can make Europe more European. Please support!

UPDATE (April 2011): We are glad to inform that the 'Convention of Young European Citizens, Cluny 2010' has has been awarded the 1st prize (French Laureate) of the EUROPEAN CHARLEMAGNE YOUTH PRIZE (see here)!

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