EU Budget

How the money spent tomorrow...

is decided today!

The EU budget is made up of two main blocks: Structural and cohesion funds (45%) and agricultural policy and rural development (42%). Together these two blocks make up almost 90% of the total EU budget. European exchange programmes, on the other hand, account for only about 1.5% (!) of the total EU budget. We think this discrepancy is far too wide, especially if the goal is to achieve an integrated civil society. This is why we ask for 20 billion Euros of the EU budget to be dedicated to exchange programmes in the future. (To find more detailed information on the EU budget, please click here.) 

At this point, let us tell you how the EU budget is decided: The EU plans its annual budgets in seven-year periods (currently we are in the so called Financial Framework 2007-2013). That means that although the annual budget is in detail decided every year, the main blocks of the 2007, 2008, 2009... 2013 budget have already been decided in 2006 (for more information, see here). 

What does this mean for Fraternité2020? It means that if we want to have 20 billions yearly for exchange programmes in the new Financial Framework 2014-2020, we pretty much have to act NOW. So, don't think we are too early with this initiative! The new Financial Framework 2014-2020 is being negotiated since 2011 (beginning with a proposal by the Commission). Hence, if we want to change the EU at some point between 2014 and 2020, we will have to act now

Or wait for another seven years...

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