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How the EU helps people crossing borders today...

and how you can take advantage!

EU exchange programmes are grouped into two different groups: 1) the Lifelong Learning Programme - LLP (see here), and 2) Youth in Action - YiA (see here).

If you want to take part in any of those programmes and spend time in a foreign country, we suggest you contact your country's LLP National Agency in case you are interested in a LLP programme such as Leonardo da Vinci (you can find a list of all LLP National Agencies here). In case you are interested in doing an Erasmus exchange your first point of contact is typically somebody at your university.

In case you want to get into YiA, e.g. by doing a European Voluntary Service (EVS), you can contact your country's YiA National Agency (find the full list here). If you already want to start looking for a NGO in which to do your EVS, please have a look at the database here (selecting 'host organisation' in the type of accreditation field).

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