How we plan to change Europe...

with nothing but a an idea.

So far, this initiative has not cost much in terms of money. Registering the domain has taken up less than 50 Euros, which we payed out of our private pockets. Everything else you see and read on these pages does not carry a price tag. Of course, we have invested a lot of time to come up with all this. What you see is only the final product of a process that was stretching over a whole year. But we have done it with passion and a great deal of idealism, not because we were paid to do it.

Also, in the future we do not plan on incurring any major expenses with this initiative. We do not plan to buy billboards, to place ads in newspapers, or to run television commercials. If we get a bit of media attention because they want to cover this initiative, fine. But we are not paying money to be heard. Either our message is powerful enough to be heard without money, or Fraternité2020 shall fail - sad but true.

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