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We think of Fraternité2020 as an 'open source' citizens' initiative and don't want to 'monopolize' it. Hence, no matter how old you are or what you do, if you want to promote this initiative in your city, at university, at work etc. you don't need to ask us for permission - just go ahead! There are many ways how you can help: You can simply tell your family or friends about F2020. You can hang up a poster at work or at your university. You can post a message on Facebook or write about this initiative in a blog. Or you can even send a reader's letter to your favorite newspaper. All of this will be immensely helpful to make F2020 a success! We have also set up a forum to discuss what to do (see here).

More specifically there are two things that you can do: Firstly, you can write MEPs about this initiative and ask them to support it. We collect a list of all MEPs openly supporting Fraternité2020 here. To get an idea of which MEPs you could write, you can have a look here. Following the link, you are on the personal profile of individual MEPs in a few clicks, where you can easily find their Email addresses in order to contact them. Generally, the signals we have received from the EP so far were VERY positive!

Secondly, we are looking for NGOs to support Fraternité2020. As with MEPs we are keeping a list of supporting NGOs here. As the changes that F2020 stands for would directly benefit NGOs (e.g. by increased volunteering activities), we hope for their support in building a stronger European civil society. If you know an NGO that you think might like to support this initiative, please take the time to tell them about F2020


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