The Logo

A Europe for citizens...

and a logo for free.

Our logo was originally created to celebrate the eastern enlargement of 1 May 2004. We have found it on the homepage of the Commission's Audiovisual Service as we were looking for inspiration on what our logo could look like. As soon as we saw this picture we knew, this represents everything we want to say with this initiative perfectly (see here)! 

We then contacted the people at the Audiovisual Service. Everybody was very eager to help us to find the right person to talk to. So, they put us into contact with the production company who holds the ultimate copyright over the picture and was the only one entitled to allow us to modify it (e.g. by adding the initiative's name) and to officially use it as our logo.

The production company turned out to be Maripili, an advertising agency in Barcelona. The people at Maripili were also very, very nice! As soon as they heard what we wanted their picture for, they immediately agreed to letting us use their picture as basis for our logo... for free!

We want to thank both the Commission officials and everybody at Maripili for their generosity and helpfulness! If everybody we tell about Fraternité2020 will be as helpful, we might actually really make this work ;)

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