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and feel good the rest of the week :)

Fraternité2020 is all about diversity. Naturally then we would like to see this initiative translated into as many languages as possible! English, French, and German might be a good first step in reaching out to people. But many people in Europe don't speak any of these three languages and there is no reason why we should exclude them from this initiative.

The goal is to have translations in all 23 official languages of the EU (see here). Also, we would like to see this initiative translated into minority languages spoken in one of the EU countries (e.g. Basque, Romani, Welsh... to get a better idea cf. here). If we could indeed manage to have this initative translated into so many different languages, this should be a forceful reminder of Europe's cultural richness!

Unfortunately, we cannot pay you for helping us. However, if you are - like us - convinced that an initiative like Fraternité2020 is exactly what the EU needs, then please send us a mail here and help translate this page.


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